I recently loaded VMware Player 6 on my laptop but I was not able to get an IP address with Bridged Networking selected. Being a user of previous VMware Player versions, I knew there was a quick fix. Unfortunately, it was not as easy as I thought. 

In the past,to add run vmnetcfg to VmWare Player I just had to extract it from the installer but VMware removed it. Fortunately, with a little help, you can get it. 


1. Head over to the VMware services and download VMware Workstation. 

2. Run the installer with /e option to extract the installer files to the local hard drive
For Example: "VMware-worksation-full-10.0.1-xxxxxx.exe /e .\extracted", note  /e .\extracted
Note: the xxxxxx is the release id you got when you download. The installer contents will be extracted to “extract” folder.

3. Open “core.cab” with WinZip or a similar app and copy "vmnetcfg.exe" to your installation folder,
typically “C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Player\”.

4. Now get "_vmnetcfglib.dll" rename it "vmnetcfglib.dll", and then copy it to the same directory with vmnetcfg.exe

Now you can run vmnetcfg to exclude network adapters from binding or use other vmnetcfg settings.