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This article shows how to Configuring  MegaRAID Storage Manager (MSM) with ESXi 4.1 and an SRCSAS18E RAID controller.

NOTE: In the comments below the article Ryan states vmware now has the correct driver package for ESXi 4.x.The link he provided is, http://downloads.vmware.com/d/details/esx4_lsi_megaraid_dt/ZCV0YnRlcHBidHdw

To get this to work you will need:
The latest version of the vSphere Remote CLI on a Physical computer (not a guest on the ESXi host that you are configuring.)
MegaRAID Storage Manager version 2.91-05 2.91-05_Windows_MSM.zip (This link no longer works and may not be needed any longer due to the new driver from VMware.)
Depending on the age of the RAID card you will need the updated BIOS from the Intel SRCSAS18E Support website.

1. Extract the MegaRAID Driver file into Temporary directory.
2. Extract megaraid_sas.iso file from Temporary directory.
3. Edit the offline-bundle.zip package to support ESXi 4.1.

Inside the offline-bundle folder of the driver package you will find a *.zip package. Inside that
Zip fill you will find metadata.zip. Inside metadata.zip there is are two XML files that need to be edited. The easiest way to do this is by opening the file with WinZip or a similar application. WinZip allowed me to edit the files and it automatically updated the .zip file without the need for me to recreate the zip files myself.

Find the following:



Change the 4.0.0 in both of the XML files to or 4.*. When the files are edited they should look like


Edit both xml files and change esx4.0.0 to 4.*

4. Open the vSphere Remote CLI and change to the bin directory. 
5. Execute the following commands at vSphere Remote CLI Command Prompt:

 vihostupdate.pl --server {Server IP Address}  --username root --password {Root Password}
--bundle c:\(driverdirectory)\offline-bundle\offline-bundle.zip --install --nosigcheck

 Make sure to replace (driverdirectory) with the directory where the offline file is located.
6. Restart ESXi Host.
7. Load MegaRAID Storage Manager version 2.91-05 on your management station. This is preferably a VM on the ESXi host.
8. Reboot the management station and connect to MSM. 


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