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Many have the need to block full internet access during certain times of the day. For those of us using Vyatta, it's fairly simple. You just need to pick the times and add them to your firewall rules. In this example, I'm going to block Traffic on my Guest Network during non-business hours.



First, we create our firewall rule and set the description.

As this is for my Guest Network, I'm going to call the rule Guest-Block

# set firewall name Guest-Block rule 10 description "Block Guest Network based on Time."

Tell the firewall to accept packets

# set firewall name Guest-Block rule 10 action accept

Now we set the time that we want to stop the network access. Please note, the time format is in UTC, no the local time zone. In this case it's 10:00 PM EST

#set firewall name Guest-Block rule 10 time  starttime 22:00:00

Create the time that the rule will stop traffic. Remember we're using UTC 7:00 AM EST in my case

# set firewall name Guest-Block rule 10 time stoptime 12:00:00

I'm only going to block guest access Monday - Friday.

# set firewall name Guest-Block rule 10 time weekdays Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri

We set the interface that that we want to apply the rule to. In this case, I have a VLAN (30) that I will use for this rule.

# Set interfaces ethernet eth1 vif 30 firewall in name Time

Since the rule is created it's time to commit, and then save the changes

# commit

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