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Have you ever wanted to save or restore your Vyatta configurations? If so here is a quick and simple way to do it. This article assumes that you have Vyatta 6.4 installed and that you have a TFTP server accessible to Vyatta.


First lets start with how to save your configuration.

To Save a Vyatta Configuration

From the Vyatta command  line type

#save tftp://ipaddress/path/config-filename.

Remember that ipaddress will be replaced with the ip address of your TFTP server. Path is the path where you want your configs saved and config-filename is the name of the file that you are saving.

To help with your figuring out what the config is, you should name the file something that is memorable to you. For example: I have configurations named 512d-128u and 256d-56u. These configuration files are the Speeds of my Guest Network configurations. When I load 256d-56u my Guest Network is limited to 256kbit down and 56kbit up.


To Restore a Vyatta Configuration

Restoring the file is performed in the same manner as saving the file only you use the load command.

#load tftp://ipaddress/path/config-filename.


If you want the change to survive a boot make sure to save the changes to the boot file.


That's it, it's that simple.

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