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VMware has recently announced a product in Beta called VMware Go. https://go.vmware.com/. VMware Go simplifies the process for the SMB market to get started with virtualization. In just a few short steps, they can verify if ESXi server will run on an existing windows server, create an install CD, and then manage the ESXi server from https://go.vmware.com/.

Why should a small to medium business be interested in VMware Go? The answer is simple, VMware Go will help a small business get started with virtualization, and provide them with an easy way to manage virtual machines.

Like many, I looked for a way to manage ESXi servers without cost and VMware is addressing our needs here. VMware Go does not have all of the features of the VI Client but it has enough for a small business that is looking for an easy interface to manage their virtual machines.

If you are running the free version of ESXi and want a free way to manage it, VMware Go is for you.

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