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The Ultimate Deployment Appliance

I recently needed to install Ubuntu Linux on a Server with no CDROM to an IDE Disk On Module. For those of you that don't know a Disk On Module or DOM, is a flash drive that has either an IDE or SATA interface so it looks just like any other hard drive to your system.

After trying many different scenario's I found the Ultimate Deployment Appliance. http://www.ultimatedeployment.org/.

I simply downloaded the Virtual Machine to my ESXi server, ran the configuration and pointed the Ultimate Deployment Appliance (UDA) to my Ubuntu ISO. When I powered on the server, the Network Interface Cards PXE environment found the UDA and presented me with the option to boot to the Ubuntu install CD.

The installation worked like a charm.

Best of all, you can use UDA to install ESXi via PXE.

Check out RTFM-ED, http://www.rtfm-ed.co.uk/vmware-content/ultimate-da/,  for more information and some quick start guides

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JeOS, pronounced juice, is a customized operating systems that is normally configured specifically for virtual appliances.

JeOS includes only the operating system components required to support a particular application. Typically the JeOS only contains a web and database server. This makes the appliance smaller, and more secure than an application running under a full OS.

Ubuntu has some great information on their Ubuntu JeOS and Novell currently has is SUSE JeOS in Beta.

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What is VMware Go?

VMware has recently announced a product in Beta called VMware Go. https://go.vmware.com/. VMware Go simplifies the process for the SMB market to get started with virtualization. In just a few short steps, they can verify if ESXi server will run on an existing windows server, create an install CD, and then manage the ESXi server from https://go.vmware.com/.

Why should a small to medium business be interested in VMware Go? The answer is simple, VMware Go will help a small business get started with virtualization, and provide them with an easy way to manage virtual machines.

Like many, I looked for a way to manage ESXi servers without cost and VMware is addressing our needs here. VMware Go does not have all of the features of the VI Client but it has enough for a small business that is looking for an easy interface to manage their virtual machines.

If you are running the free version of ESXi and want a free way to manage it, VMware Go is for you.

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Virtual Appliance

A virtual appliance is virtual machine image designed to run on virtualization technology from vendors like VMware,  Xen, or Microsoft.
Virtual appliances eliminate the installation and minimize the configuration of software applications because the vendor does this for you. Many virtual appliances have a web interface to configure the appliance.
A virtual appliance is usually built to host a single application, and so represents a new way of deploying network applications.

VMware and Microsoft have an extensive listing of Virtual Appliances on their websites.

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Tech Stocks

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