Having guest wireless internet access in the home or office has gone from a nice to have to a need to have. It seems like everyone has a mobile device with a hunger for internet access and many of those devices have a data plan that costs users a lot. As a result, everyone is looking for Free WiFi access wherever they go; this includes your home or office.




Just about every internet router sold today, or provided by an internet provider,  comes with wireless guest access but sometimes you need more control and/or features that are not included in a consumer grade access points. If you need more than one Wireless Access Points (WAP) administration can be cumbersome and handoff when roaming between access points may not work correctly. Unfortunately, the big names like Cisco cost too much for a home or small business to invest in. Lucky for us, Ubiquiti Networks has come to our rescue.


Ubiquiti is serious about wireless internet. They have several products and solutions to solve just about any issue. What I like is that they take a unique approach to management. Instead of using a hardware controller that has to be in place to work, they use a software based controller that can run on almost any platform including popular cloud providers like Amazon. This gives us the ability to easily manage WAPs from one interface.



Stay tuned for more information on how to setup an environment with multiple WAPs and Guest access using Ubiquiti Networks UniFi system.