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My name is Tony and I’ve worked in or around in Information Technology for more than 25 years. While I work for a large corporation, I support small business and I’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit so I know the challenges that small business face. It’s been my experience that many  small business don't have the expertise or time to manage the devices that keep their business running. Some may not have enough spare money to pay someone to do it for them and others want to make sure what their IT consultant proposes is correct. As I move into more management than implementation, I find myself playing with technology more at home.  This site is to help share the knowledge that I acquire with How-To articles and assembling information on helpful topics that I run into.


You may see this site referred to as Tony’s Tech, SOHO Advisers, The Advisers Group, FingerLakesTech, The SOHO Guy, or Panos Consulting. They are all me in my different incarnations over the years. 

Disclaimer: Some of the knowledge gained and presented on this site is obtained by me working full time for the Xerox Corporation. Any comments or opinions on this site are mine alone and should not be affiliated with the Xerox Corporation. 

Note: All information on this site is based on my experience and opinion. If you are unsure what you are doing please seek an IT professional prior to making any changes to your system.

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