{jcomments off}Like many DirecTV NOW (DTVN) users, I've run into an issue with the Video On Demand (VOD) buffering, stopping all together, and then restarting. As the live TV functions fine, I assumed it was an issue with DTVN. While it may or may not be an issue with DTVN, I've found a way to stop the buffering with my setup. 


I found that DTVN VOD did not buffer on my FireTV stick or when viewing from a tablet, it only buffered when viewing with Chromecast. As I have Chromecast on each of my TVs, it's important for me to have this solution work with Chromecast. Chromecast works fine with Netflix, Hulu, and Google Play Movies so I have no reason to suspect that the Chromecast is the issue. However, I know that Chromecast will use the best resolution it can based on the amount of bandwidth that you have. 

Fortunately, the WiFi system I have allows me to limit the bandwidth on specific devices on my network. Based on Netflix stating you need 5Mbps bandwidth for stream HD video, I limited the bandwidth to the Chromecast to 5Mbps and DTVN VOD buffering was greatly reduced but not eliminated. However, limited the bandwidth to 4Mbps almost completely eliminated it. Constantly stream for two days I've only had a few instances of buffering. . 

The procedure to limit per client bandwidth will vary based on your router manufacture so check you routers manual on the process required. Unfortunately, if you don't have this option in your router, you will be out of luck. 

The downside of doing this is that Netflix my not support HD streaming with the bandwidth limited to 4Mbps.